Off the grid

About to go dark for 6 days into Woodland Caribou Provincial Preserve.

I wish someone would make a fashionable smart watch with the display on the underside of the wrist.

Bugged out of Israel.

Got a bit much for my comfort level.
Good luck to my friends and colleagues who live there.

A whole new appreciation

I sure am grateful the risk of rocket attack is not part of daily life in America.

I now understand the risk is low and accepted as “a day in the life”, but as a foreigner, it is not an easy mentality to get into.

I keep pinching myself

Every-time I am introduced to someone, I can’t believe I work where I work and am in the role I am in.

I LOVE this job.

Big day tomorrow

After more than 9 years of knowing exactly what to expect, tomorrow morning at 9:00 CST I start a new job.

So many emotions over the past 3 days. Sad, excited, nervous, scared.

I’m ready to rock!

9 years, 8 months, 11 days

It’s been a journey, and I’m ready for my next adventure.

On edge

My day could go one way or the other. I want to enjoy this, but I’m not.

Can’t fall asleep

Without my wife in bed it is impossible for me to fall asleep unless I am pass out exhausted. I miss her.

I miss my best friend

Thursday night can’t come fast enough.