Traditional Taxi vs. Uber

During a recent trip to New York City I made the conscious decision to not use Uber in an effort to patronize local taxi services. What I experienced consistently was less than desirable.

When on business everything is paid on a corporate credit card. So it’s important that I use the credit card to pay and I get a receipt for compliance purposes. The service from the airport to the hotel had a built-in credit card readers solution it worked just fine however every other taxi service I used from the hotel was manual write it down knuckle buster BS.

My trip from the hotel to the airport resulted in the driver telling me his machine didn’t work and then I had to write down my credit card number and he gave me his taxi service info. To top it off no receipt.

Using traditional taxi service does not present a compelling business case for me to choose it over Uber. Uber is dead simple, and I have a receipt history I can access anytime.

It was an enlightening experiment to learn that only left with no other option, never again will I use traditional taxi service.

NYC thru Friday

Fun town.


Taking a lap around the country.

Off the grid

About to go dark for 6 days into Woodland Caribou Provincial Preserve.

I wish someone would make a fashionable smart watch with the display on the underside of the wrist.

Bugged out of Israel.

Got a bit much for my comfort level.
Good luck to my friends and colleagues who live there.

A whole new appreciation

I sure am grateful the risk of rocket attack is not part of daily life in America.

I now understand the risk is low and accepted as “a day in the life”, but as a foreigner, it is not an easy mentality to get into.

I keep pinching myself

Every-time I am introduced to someone, I can’t believe I work where I work and am in the role I am in.

I LOVE this job.

Big day tomorrow

After more than 9 years of knowing exactly what to expect, tomorrow morning at 9:00 CST I start a new job.

So many emotions over the past 3 days. Sad, excited, nervous, scared.

I’m ready to rock!

9 years, 8 months, 11 days

It’s been a journey, and I’m ready for my next adventure.